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Armaghan Bahar Arya.Co
Mr. naser shameseddin
5 One, 3rd Floor, Stratum Over Exhibition Proton, Jomhuri Highway, Sepah Sq, Jahanshahr – Karaj
Tehran, Tehran
Tel: 98 261 4483583
Fax: 98 261 4483583
Key Figures
Years in Business 14
Annual Revenue USD 500,000 - 1 Million
Employees 6 - 10
Company Profile
We are one of the biggest companies which import and export food stuff to and out of Middle East our products are so popular in England, Canada and usa. We present whatever you desire from food world.
Product(s) we Sell
[200110 ] Cucumbers and Gherkins (Prepared or Preserved By Vinegar Acetic Acid)
[200120 ] Onions (Prepared or Preserved By Vinegar or Acetic Acid)
[200190 ] Other Vegetable, Fruit, Nut (Prepared or Preserved By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
[200210 ] Tomatoes, Whole or in Pieces (Prepared or Preserved; Excluding By Vinegar)
[200290 ] Other Tomatoes, Prepared or Preserved (Other than By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
[200310 ] Mushrooms (Prepared or Preserved; Other than By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
[200320 ] Truffles (Prepared or Preserved; Other than By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
[200410 ] Potatoes, Prepared or Preserved (Frozen; Excluding By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
[200490 ] Other Vegetables and Mixtures of Vegetable (Prepared or Preserved; Frozen)
[200559 ] Other Beans, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar; Not Frozen)
[200590 ] Other Vegetables, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar; Not Frozen)
[200600 ] Fruit, Nuts, Fruit-peel, Other Parts of Plants (Preserved By Sugar)
[200791 ] Jams, Fruit Jellies, Marmalades, Puree, Paste of Citrus Fruit
[200799 ] Jams, Jellies, Puree, Paste of Fruit (Other than Citrus Fruit), Nuts
[200930 ] Juice of Any Other Single Citrus Fruit
[200911 ] Orange Juice (Frozen)
[200919 ] Orange Juice (Other than Frozen)
[200920 ] Grapefruit Juice
[200950 ] Tomato Juice
[200970 ] Apple Juice
[200980 ] Juice of Any Other Single Fruit or Vegetable
Target Export Market(s)
Products and Services
Armaghan Bahar Arya.Co provides the following products and services:
export, import, iran
fda register of all export prouducts
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